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New profile for a new life

So. I made a new profile here on LJ. It felt like my old one (weirdnessdk) was ready to be closed down, more or less. I feel like 2014 has been a very important year for me and it has changed me. In the good way, but change none the less.

I hope that with this new profile I will find some space to get things off my chest that I can't express on facebook because of people I know there or on tumblr because of the fact that I post folktales there and almost nothing else.

I also hope that I will find a few new pen pals. I had to let go of almost all of the ones I used to write with but I am now slowly getting back on track with both finances, time and something to talk about. So, new pen pals are welcome. As long as it's not too many.... I don't want to feel too overwhelmed by letters to write.

I also hope to find some people who are interested in pre-Christian Scandinavia. Someone that I might be able to learn a lot from since I just "came out" as a Norse Heathen myself earlier this year. It's not like I'm gonna post a whole lot about the Æsir, though. I'd just like to find some more people to talk about this topic with anyway.

Am not really sure what else I'll use this profile for. Keeping in touch with people and stuff like that. Yes.

Welcome to me. Batmom has entered the building


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